Prince William takes delivery of £250k bullet-proof Bentley


Bentley Flying Spur

Prince William has added a Bentley Flying Spur to his fleet of luxury vehicles.
> The opulent four-door limousine will be used by both himself and his wife Kate when on high-profile royal engagements.

However, their Flying Spur isn't simply 'off-the-rack', but boasts a multitude of customisation options, which have bumped the car's list price from £133,000 to around £250,000.

Amongst the luxuries are a handcrafted walnut interior, a champagne cooler, heated massage seats and on-board wireless Internet connectivity.

Bentley Flying Spur

However, given its royal occupants, the engineers at Bentley have also made the car completely bullet-proof, with reinforced steel armour fitted to door panels and vulnerable areas such as the fuel tank and engine bay.

The windows, too, are bullet-proof, being 1.5-inch thick triple-glazed items. The car also rolls on run-flat tyres and features a loudspeaker system to communicate with the outside world.

Despite the additions ballooning the standard car's already exceptional 2525kg kerb weight to a leviathan 3,000kg, the Flying Spur's mighty 552bhp 6.0-litre motor will still see it reach a top speed of 200mph.

The combination of a heavy body and gigantic engine means fuel economy does drop somewhat – to 19mpg to be exact.

Bentley Flying Spur

The car will be joined by a similarly specified Jaguar limousine, which will be used by the couple at more low-key events. Their entire fleet, which also includes a number of Range Rovers, is shared with Prince Harry.

All of the vehicles operated by the Royal Family are privately leased from their respective manufacturers. Neither Kensington Palace nor Bentley would confirm whether the Cambridges received preferential rates.

Prince William is the second royal to drive a Bentley, with the queen famously being gifted her state limousine by the Crewe-based manufacturer in celebration of her Golden Jubilee.