Top 5 Brit Bruisers


Rolls-Royce Wraith

Car manufacturing in Britain is booming, and after many years in the doldrums, it seems our car industry is finally in decent shape once again.

Today, a whole host of cars are built in this country, and while some of them are made by manufacturers which aren't British-owned, all of them contribute to the British economy in their own ways.

To celebrate the success our manufacturing industry's enjoying, we've put together a gallery of five of our favourite British-built cars. Check it out and let us know which your favourite is!

1. Morgan 3-Wheeler

There are many words that could be used to describe Morgan's bonkers little sports car, and 'normal' certainly isn't one of them. It's so quirky it hurts, with an air-cooled motorcycle engine slung out in front of the car, driving a single rear wheel, no roof, and styling which doesn't just hark back to its '30s predecessor, but copies it as closely as modern regulations will allow! We love it!

2. McLaren 12C

McLaren's 12C is a technical tour-de-force; a road-going expression of the attention-to-detail of the McLaren Formula 1 team and a sensational thing to drive. Slightly understated looks hide a devastatingly effective chassis, and a simple interior that's bedecked with Alcantara simply adds to the feel of a racer for the road. And it's built in Woking.

Top 5 Brit Bruisers

Top 5 Brit Bruisers

3. Caterham Supersport R

Pure, unmitigated, balls-out fun: that's what Caterhams have always been about, and while it's certainly not the most powerful in the Caterham range, the Supersport R offers a scintillating blend of power, lightness and pin-sharp handling. Don't expect comfort, space, or any sort of creature comforts, but if you absolutely must get an adrenaline fix at all costs, you've come to the right place.

4. Rolls-Royce Wraith

Of course, Rolls-Royces have always been built in Britain, and of the current crop, the Wraith stands out as the most debonair. You certainly can't mistake it for anything else; with its vast grille and gently swooping roofline it harks back to fastback-bodied Rollers of old, but step inside and there's a distinctly modern – not to mention deeply luxurious – feel. It isn't perfect, but the Wraith has soul.

5. Range Rover

The modern Range Rover is arguably the most desirable SUV on the planet – and with good reason. An effortlessly attractive design is formed from aluminium, making it light and efficient, while inside, a wonderfully-appointed cabin feels like a plush room in a smart London hotel. A cracking range of engines offer refinement and performance in spades, and if all else fails, it's good to know you've the ability to ford rivers, should you need it!