2014 BMW M3 and M4 officially revealed


Images of the upcoming BMW M3 and M4 models have been officially released today.

The aggressive-looking saloon pictured below follows hot on the heels of a batch of concept M4 images that highlighted what the upcoming two-door iterant will look like.

New naming conventions from the German marque mean that the M3 insignia will be reserved only for the four-door version, the two-door BMW M3 Coupe of old being replaced with the M4 badge.

As the pictures clearly show, the all-new M3 will feature some extremely aggressive styling touches, including a new front fascia complete with jet black kidney grilles, twin front air intakes and a re-sculpted bonnet with more pronounced power dome (the bulge that sits in the middle).

The rear features a new bumper with a more shapely and obvious diffuser a well as angled quad tailpipes.

Images also confirm that the iconic carbon fibre roof will also be a major feature.

But all of the angry styling isn't simply for posing purposes, as Albert Biermann, Head of Development at BMW M GmbH, explains: "The way in which we channel the inflowing air through the engine oil cooler creates a venturi efect, which reduces front axle lift and, in so doing, improves the steering."

A new 3-litre in-line six-cylinder turbo engine resides under the bonnet (complete with power dome) that produces an almighty 425bhp and 500Nm torque. An equally impressive exhaust note is also present: "The electrically-controlled flaps just before the rear silencer minimise exhaust backpressure and produce a sound that is striking and unmistakable over the entire engine speed range, as well as giving precise feedback on engine load," said a BMW spokesperson.

Check out the gallery below

2014 BMW M3 and M4

2014 BMW M3 and M4