The AOL Cars ultimate Xmas gift guide


Is there a die-hard petrolhead in your family? Someone who can draw the wiring diagram of an MGB GT from memory? As handy as they may be around anything automotive, they are likely to be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to purchasing Christmas presents for.

That's why we have compiled a comprehensive list of great gifts that will appeal to anyone with a love of engines.
>Personalised tax disc cuff links

These smart shirt accompaniments can be personalised to feature the love of your life's date of birth or any significant date and a registration of your choosing. Opt for their first car or go wild and specify something like 'TH3 DA33Y'. Firebox says: "Do you wear shirts with those classy French-cuffs? Do you own a petrol-powered vehicle? Do you pay VED? Or are you a cyclist, whose vehicle doesn't emit anything, but still has EVERY right to wear these fine accessories? Then these are the customised cuff links for you."

Price: £29.99 From:

Nurburgring toaster

Every self-respecting car nut has been or will one day venture to the infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife – 12.93 miles of twisting Tarmac that anyone can pay to use. You may have noticed the little stickers gracing the rear bumper of vehicles that have visited, they're like a rite of passage, but now the iconic track layout can be scorched into your morning toast. A perfect gift for the boy racer who eat, sleeps and drinks driving.

Price: £25 From:

Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V12 coffee machine

A pound shy of £9,000 may seem a little excessive for a Christmas gift but this might just be the coolest coffee machine on the market. It is an exact 1:2 scale model of a V12 Formula 1 engine and uses high-grade aerospace alloy in almost every component. It also calibrated to use Nespresso capsules to avoid the mess usually associated with a posh coffee.

Price: £8,999 From:

Sealander Swimming Caravan

No, this isn't the latest contraption from the Top Gear team but a real caravan that can happily take to the water. If you thought £8,999 was a lot of money for a Christmas gift, look away now, as this beauty retails for £15,000. Firebox says: "This amphibious camping trailer can be towed like any other middle lane bothering caravan. But drive to a lake or any other expanse of relatively calm water and you can back it in to the wet wobbly stuff and enjoy the tranquil surroundings as you bob around, propelled by a 5hp electric motor which doubles up as a source of energy for various on-board mod cons."

Price: £15,000 From: or

Circuit sculptures

Who says petrol-sniffing gearheads can't also be cultured art-appreciators? These beautiful wooden wall ornaments from The Linear Edge take a high quality Baltic birch and shape it into the iconic outline of some of the world's most famous racing circuits. So whether it's the track day enthusiast or the Formula 1 obsessive, this gift will make a great addition to the humble abode.

Price: £220 From:

Spanner Cutlery Cheese Knife

Picture the scene: You are hosting a civilized dinner party and it is time to crack out the cheese. Conversation has been a little stale of late and then you pull out the brilliantly retro cardboard box and slide out the spanner cheese knife. Conversation instantly turns to motor vehicles and the evening is saved. You can thank us later.

Price: £15 From:

R/C Wall Climber

Someone a lot more philosophically minded than us once said, "Men don't grow up, they just get bigger," and there is no better example of this than at Christmas time. As much as modern man will claim they 'don't want anything this year,' they secretly pine after a remote control car that can climb up walls. This crazy contraption uses suction technology that allows it to not only speed along the ground but also tear up walls... in more ways than one.

Price: £19.99 From:

Motor racing Leg-ends socks

A staple of the Christmas gift list, the humble sock is much maligned but is essential in keeping toes warm during the chilly winter months. Spice up his or her sock drawer with these funky threads that take inspiration from famous racing liveries from the golden age of motor sport. Three pairs make up a pack.

Price: £20 From:

Mini Cadillac Sofa

This excellent posterior relaxation unit takes inspiration from the bench seats typically found in vintage Cadillacs. It is only small, so is really designed for gracing a kids bedroom or playroom but that's not to say a single, young-at-heart adult couldn't enjoy the football from it. Covered in PVC, it's also handy for wiping away the blobs of pizza that are likely to soil it.

Price: £150 From:

Hoover Jive Wet and Dry handheld vacuum cleaner

Washing the outside of a car is the easy bit, the difficulties begin when it comes to sucking up the crumbs and detritus that collect in any hard working vehicle. Unless you are lucky enough to have exterior plug sockets, it is highly likely you regularly wrestle with extension leads as you attempt to haul the vacuum cleaner outside. This powerful gadget from Hoover takes the pain out of car interior cleaning by offering 12 minutes of powerful dirt-sucking action on a single charge.

Price: £29.99 From: