Sienna Miller gets up close and personal with new Ford Mustang


Ford announced last week that, after a 50-year wait, Europe will be getting its very own Mustang muscle car.

Kitted out with either a punchy 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine or a more traditionally American 5-litre V8 monster unit, the Euro Mustang will go on sale some time at the end of 2014/early 2015.

To celebrate the news, Ford held a huge event in Barcelona where they invited a number of Europe's press and dealer network to have a good nosey around the vehicle.

They also enlisted the help of photographer-to-the-stars Rankin and seductress Sienna Miller to create the video below.

We want to say it's a great opportunity to see more of the Mustang in the flesh but lovely Sienna's constant fiddling with the exterior curves, interior buttons and the steering wheel can be a little, er, distracting.

Mustang fans will likely already be in a state of heightened excitement but the video below has the potential to tip eager 'Stang enthusiasts over the edge.

You have been warned

Ford Go Further event: New models

Ford Go Further event: New models