Behind the scenes at Lotus Formula 1 HQ


The road leading up to Lotus's Enstone-based Formula 1 headquarters is unassuming to say the least.

In fact, if you are the sort of driver to have little faith in your sense of direction or map reading abilities, it is likely you'd think you had taken a wrong turning into a farmer's yard.

The road is lined with dry-stone walling and almost unending miles of lush green fields that are peppered with the odd sheep until, out of nowhere, a large, modern building looms on the horizon.

Said building is home to the successful Lotus F1 team, a team that placed fourth overall in the Constructors Title of this year's Formula 1 season, only beaten by giants such as McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull.

The relatively small team (in terms of budget spent each season) tasted success beyond expectation, with Finnish driver Kimi Räikkönen winning the first race of the season and teammate Romain Grosjean placing third in five races.

Despite the team's drivers possessing skills beyond the realms of many, a large amount of that success is down to the hundreds of staff that busily fill the vast corridors, rooms and halls of the Enstone HQ.

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Behind the scenes at Lotus Formula 1 HQ

Behind the scenes at Lotus Formula 1 HQ