McLaren P1 vs the Nurburgring


McLaren P1 at Nurburgring

McLaren has released an astonishing video, showing its new P1 hypercar tackling the most fearsome race circuit in the world – the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Considered too dangerous for the fastest racing cars, the Nurburgring has an almost folkloric reputation amongst car fans and manufacturers alike, who constantly try to out-do each other for the glory of the fastest lap times.

McLaren is currently locked in battle with rivals Porsche and Ferrari, with each having recently released technologically advanced hybrid supercars. With the Porsche already posting a scarcely credible 6min 57sec time (currently the fastest set by a road-legal car) around the 12.9 mile course, it was up to McLaren to pick up the gauntlet.

With reputations at stake, they enlisted their chief test driver Chris Goodwin and strapped him into a Supernova Silver P1 development car, codenamed XP2R, before unleashing him onto the Green Hell.

The video shows in glorious detail not only the sky-high capabilities of the P1, but also Goodwin's sheer skill and bravery. Breaking records on a track which has claimed hundreds of lives is certainly not for the feint-hearted.

Unfortunately, McLaren has yet to reveal the exact time the P1 posted, stating only that the car's average speed over the run was over 178kmph (111mph).

What we do know is that Goodwin managed to hit the P1's limited top speed of 205mph on the course's Dottinger Hohe main straight and managed to use the car's F1 inspired DRS system over nine per cent of the lap.

Click play below and watch in awe.