Ford reveals new models and tech for Europe


Barb Samardzich - Ford

Ford has hosted a huge event in Barcelona, dubbed 'Go Further', at which it has unveiled a host of new models and technology, which will be making an appearance in European showrooms in the next few years. AOL Cars was in attendance to find out exactly what we should be getting excited about.

We caught up with Barb Samardzich, chief operating officer at Ford Europe, who believes that cutting-edge technology is vital to creating cars that appeal to drivers.

"Our 1-litre EcoBoost engine has already saved over 1 millions tonnes of CO2 when compared to our old engines but I think we can do more," she says.

At the heart of Ford's vision for future in-car technology is connectivity. This is not simply a case of being able to access social media such as Facebook and Twitter – the Blue Oval envisions a future in which their cars will be able to 'speak' to each other.

"Next generation driving technology is already heavily underway," says Samardzich.

"We have already created a system that allows one of our models to take over driving duties when the traffic is crawling, allowing the person behind the wheel to relax and then take over when traffic moves off," she explains.

Taking the burden off the driver doesn't stop there. Ford has already showcased cars that can quite literally park themselves. While Park Assist – in which the car manouvres itself into a suitable parking space with minimal input from the driver – is already available on current models, drivers of future Fords will simply be able to get out of the car, push a button and watch the car slot itself into a space.

Samardzich went on to explain how technology, in theory at least, could make future Fords near crash-proof.

"Safety is always a huge concern with many customers and we want to make sure we are always at the forefront of new safety technology," she said.

"You'll be hearing more about Automatic Obstacle Avoidance in the coming months – it's our new system that can scan the road for up to 200m ahead and warn the driver of any upcoming obstacles."

"It can even go so far as to steer the vehicle to safety should an emergency situation present itself," she adds.

The Go Further event wasn't simply about showing off new technology. Ford announced a number of new models, including the first ever Mustang to go on sale in Europe. Here's a round up of the newest metal, soon to be available at a dealership near you.

Ford Mustang

Set to reach dealerships in 2014/2015, the new European Mustang sees an end to 50 year of waiting for Pony Car fans this side of the pond. To ensure the model resonates with UK buyers, it will come with a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine. Don't worry – a full-fat 5.0-litre V8 will also be available for the full muscle car experience. Serving up an authentic, hard-edged soundtrack, the V8 certainly sounds the part, and when mated to the optional convertible body, makes for a one very appealing package.

Ford Go Further event: New models

Ford Go Further event: New models

Ford EcoSport

Small SUVs, or 'soft roaders' are currently very much in vogue and Ford isn't one to miss out on the action. Step forward the EcoSport, a jacked-up city car with off-road intentions and enough room for five. Ford offered 500 pre-order opportunities on Facebook and every single one was snapped up in 48 hours.

Ford Ka Concept

Forget the Ka your mum drives – this is an all-new proposition that brilliantly fuses everyday practicality, stylish design and value for money. Ford promises an unrivalled amount of future technology, highly economical engines and room for five all crammed inside a nippy, easy to park city car.