Video: How to build a SEAT in two minutes


SEAT factory

Given the way that (some) owners treat their cars, kerbing the wheels, accumulating parking dings and generally running them into the ground before they're scrapped, its perhaps unsurprising that few realise the sheer effort and technology that goes into making a brand new car.

Thankfully SEAT is on hand to show us exactly what happens, documenting the construction of one of it's new Leon hatchbacks from basic metal shell, to a fully rolling model ready for the showroom.

Fitting the car with GoPro cameras as it travels through its Martorell factory, SEAT has provided a unique view of the car construction process. Sped up to two minutes, the car races from one end of the site to the other, being added-to and fiddled-with by technicians along the line.

In real-time, the SEAT Leon takes 19 hours to build from scratch, and comprises of 5,900 parts and 1.5km of cabling.

Click play below to watch the high-speed birth of a SEAT Leon.