Japanese tyre manufacturer releases the most chilling advert ever made


scary tire video

Winter driving has been hitting the headlines recently; thanks in part to the fact the country is predicted to experience some chilly weather and hazardous driving conditions over the coming weeks.

Many experts and driving associations are recommending fitting winter tyres to aid grip and improve stopping distances but one company in Japan has decided to take an altogether more shocking approach to winter driving advice.

A recent advert released by Autoway Tires in Japan has caused a stir on the internet thanks to it's pant-soiling-ly frightening nature.

The short commercial even comes with its own warning, suggesting viewers with a faint heart shouldn't watch and advising those with 'physical or mental problems' to see their doctor regularly.

When viewers click play, they are treated to a creepy point-of-view camera angle as a car crawls along a snowy path in the dead of night.

A mysterious figure looms in the distance and...

We don't want to spoil the surprise for you, simply press play on the video below and prepare to be scared witless.

Warning: Probably not suitable for young children!