Ferrari 458 Italia splits in half after US crash


Ferrari snapped in half

A Ferrari 458 Italia owner in the USA must be wondering when his or her luck ran out as the pristine supercar said owner was hoping to be transported safely by a reputable firm ended up split in two at the side of the road.

The incident occurred recently in Birmingham, Alabama when an employee of a car transporting company decided to have one last go in the exotic performance car before it was loaded up and whisked off to its intended destination.

Perhaps the employee overlooked that fact the 4.5-litre V8 engine that sits behind the driver produces an almighty 562bhp that can prove a little difficult to handle at times.

Inevitably, the employee lost control of the £170,000 supercar at 140mph, span off the road and struck a nearby post, snapping the car in two.

According to Zero2Turbo, the blog that first broke the story, the driver ended up in a coma while the passenger was also rushed to hospital and treated for serious injuries.

Little is known about the consequences of the incident but it is fair to say a rather large repair bill is currently winging its way to the transportation company involved.