Swiss artist's images of 'exploded' Ferrari 330 P4 are stunning


Fabian Oefner

To many car enthusiasts, the most beautiful thing about a rare and exotic machine is not what is on the outside but the complex workings that sit beneath the heavily sculpted exterior.
> One such chap who sees beauty in the cogs, wheels and springs of beautiful supercars is Swiss artist Fabian Oefner who, as part of his 'Disintegrating' series, has meticulously taken apart a scale model of the glorious Ferrari 330 P4 (among other cars) and photographed each individual element separately to create a sort of car-exploded-in-zero-gravity effect.

The models and final images are so realistic one has to do a double-take in order to realise Oefner hasn't taken a hacksaw to a real 330 P4 and sprinkled the pieces into space before depressing the shutter on his trusty camera.

It's probably a good job the Swiss maestro didn't attempt this project on a 1:1 scale as only three of the ultra-rare 330 P4 Fezzas were ever made and in the very rare event that one changes hands, it does so for sums that are in excess of the £10 million mark.

Fabian's pain-staking work can be better understood by watching the video below as it clearly shows the amount of time and effort that goes into each one of his compelling images.