Woman scratches brand new car at motorshow to 'force' husband into buying it


woman scratches car at motor show

Motor shows can be pretty hectic at the best of times. The crowds of dawdling individuals and shoving enthusiasts can add a heap of stress to an already claustrophobic experience.

But the atmosphere at November's Guangzhou Motor Show in China proved too much for one woman who seized the opportunity to get back at her husband by scratching a brand new car.

The woman was caught on camera wrecking the bonnet of a brand new display car allegedly in an attempt to force her husband to buy it for her.

According to The Metro, she claims she deserves the new vehicle as compensation for their marriage - blaming the fact she is "getting old" while her husband "still looks young".

A scuffle then breaks out as the husband attempts to pull the enraged woman away from the car that she is busy defacing.

Security guards and motor show staff soon get wind of the fracas and step in to break it up.

Watch the video clip below that recently surfaced on LiveLeak and ensure your spouse is happy in their marriage before letting them loose at an upcoming motoring event.