Heroic police officer drags unconscious man from burning car


Dash cam footage usually captures incidences of terrible parking, disgraceful Russian driving or freak acts of nature.

Rarely does it throw up true moments of heroics.

But video footage captured by a camera mounted inside a police vehicle shows the moment officer Scott Krissinger, 27, from the Cape May Police Department in New Jersey ran towards a burning vehicle and dragged an unconscious man to safety.

Krissinger had reported to duty just two minutes before the incident that saw him rush to the scene of a burning pick-up truck.

Without a second thought, the brave officer pulled the man from the vehicle and went back to check for other passengers.

"I had no idea if anybody else was in the truck. I went back and opened the passenger-side door. I had no sight line into the truck because of the smoke. I got low and just felt," Krissinger told Press of Atlanta City.

Luckily, there were no further passengers but the stricken driver, Gerald K. Ferrill, 61, had suffered smoke and heat inhalation and was barely conscious.

Ferrill was later airlifted to a nearby burns unit where his condition was said to be critical but stable.

"This definitely was a life-threatening situation. Without Scott Krissinger's unselfish and immediate reaction, the outcome could very well have been disastrous," Mayor Ed Mahaney said.

The Cape May Police Department is even considering using the dash cam footage as training material for its new recruits as Police Chief Diane Sorantino revealed that his officers almost always arrive at fires before firefighters, and although they do have an extinguisher, they lack protective gear or air packs to ensure their own safety.