Teen car thief banned from touching vehicles


Car thief

A teenage car thief, described by police as being obsessed with breaking into cars, has been given an ASBO preventing him from touching or entering a motor vehicle for the next three years.

18-year-old Joshua Rushton found himself before Stockport Magistrates' Court after police officers observed him trying the door handles of four separate cars as he walked down a road in the town.

After being found guilty of interfering with a vehicle in an attempt to steal, as well as separate charges of theft and using threatening behaviour, Rushton was handed down a 12-week custodial sentence and 120 hours of community service, as well as the ASBO.

The teen will now not be able to go anywhere near a car without the express permission of its owner.

Stephen Gilbertson, from Stockport Police, said: "He doesn't own a car but he can't go past one without trying the handle or seeing if there's something in it. He just can't keep his hands off cars," reported the Daily Mail.

The conviction follows one he had recently after causing disruption at a football match in the city, in which he hurled a bottle at fans at Manchester's Etihad stadium despite already being banned from the ground.