Man flashes genitals at motorist for 'not using indicators'


A 52-year-old man from Dundee has admitted conducting himself in a disorderly manner after he flashed his genitals to a motorist for not using indicators correctly.

A court heard how David Shepherd, of North Lindsay Street, "lifted the right leg of his shorts and remove his genitals" after becoming annoyed with the driver of a "flashy black car" who allegedly failed to use his indicators correctly.

According to the Dundee Evening Telegraph, Fiscal depute Muhammad Sadiq told the court: "Two witnesses were travelling in a car and saw the accused standing on a pavement and shouting aggressively.

"They thought he was calling to a person in another vehicle.

"While in a queue of traffic the witnesses kept observing him and he continued shouting aggressively towards the vehicles.

"They noticed the accused lift the right leg of his shorts and remove his genitals from his shorts and wave them at the car behind them.

"The car behind them had a female driver and child in it."

Police were eventually called and traced Shepherd to his home later that day where he was cautioned and charged after admitting the offence.

Solicitor Paula Mill, defending, told the court Shepherd was "heavily drunk" at the time.

She said: "He claims to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

"Although there is no official diagnosis of this he does suffer from impulsive behaviour linked to his drinking.

"He is not dependent on alcohol - his problems come from binge drinking."

Shepherd admitted that he conducted himself in a disorderly manner by shouting, swearing and repeatedly grabbing his genitals over his clothing, and thereafter exposing his genitals, to the alarm of others, and committing a breach of the peace.

Sheriff Tom Hughes sentenced him to 100 hours of unpaid work to be completed within six months.