Tough on Kreme: Four police cars spotted picking up doughnut supply


Earns Krispy Kreme

A Krispy Kreme doughnut shop was visited by a horde of hungry police officers on Monday and unfortunately for them, eagle-eyed onlooker Paul Amery documented the affair and posted it online.

The marked patrol cars were spied lined up outside the Krispy Kreme store in Bristol on Monday as officers busily tucked into a breakfast of sugary treats and coffees.

According to Mr Emery, the famished officers sat in their cars while they tucked into the fatty doughnuts in the Avon Meads Retail Park.

Mr Amery, 42, a freelance IT project manager, told The Daily Mail: "We are all entitled to our breakfasts and lunches but seeing so many police cars together was a bit of a surprise.

"It was like something out of The Simpsons - I was expecting Chief Wiggum or Homer to appear at any moment.

"There was four cars neatly lined up and a fifth coming through the drive through. I think they were all sat in their cars eating their food."

But, as with many postings to the World Wide Web, the images caused uproar with a selection of Bristol Post readers who felt that four cars on a break at the same time was a waste of valuable resources.

'Capt cabbie' commented: "Whilst I understand we all need a refreshment break, why all four cars at the same time? No doubt the area commander will say that it was necessary and all we can do is accept this."

The area commander, or in this case Chief inspector Mark Jackson, hit back saying: "Our officers are encouraged to take their breaks out in the community rather than returning to a police station.

"This increases our visibility and means we are out and ready to respond to emergency calls. Response officers also have access to mobile data – including our key systems – in their vehicles so can do more work from their cars.

"On this occasion some of our officers on a break must have decided to begin the week in style with a sweet treat."