Driver kills five in hill jumping accident


Darrell and Tammy Delong

A US motorist has killed five people, including three members of his own family after taking them 'hill-jumping' in his car.

A favourite pastime among residents of Hamilton County, Illinois, hill-jumping involves launching a car over a series of four large ridges dubbed the 'thrill hills'.

Heading there after a Thanksgiving celebration, Darrell G Delong was accompanied by his wife Tammy, his daughter Katelynn, as well as three other members of is family.

Sadly, he lost control while attempting to jump the hills, resulting in his car rolling over a number of times.

Mr Delong was the only survivor of the crash, and remains in a serious condition in hospital after being airlifted from the scene.

The husband of one of the victims, Sam Dorris, was with the group shortly before they headed to the hills, but had declined to join them.

"When they walked out the door, they said, 'We'll be back in a little bit', and they never came back," he said. 'I guess they caught a little too much air going over that last hill and lost control at the bottom," reported the Daily Mail.

All but one of the occupants were ejected from the car, a 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV, upon impact.

Despite the obvious risks, hill jumping remains a popular activity in the area.

"Everybody does it," continued Dorris. "I've done it. I'm good at it. But I won't do it ever again."