​Police commissioner caught speeding days after his deputy


A police and crime commissioner has been caught speeding just two weeks after his deputy was also stopped for driving over the speed limit.

Matthew Grove, the commissioner for Humberside, was snapped by a speed camera in Grimsby doing 36mph in a 30mph zone on October 4.

He has opted to take a speed awareness course in lieu of points on his license and, in a statement, said: "On Friday October 4 I attended a Question Time event in Grimsby and left around 9.30pm.

"I subsequently received a letter informing me that my speed had been recorded at 36mph on Peaks Parkway.

"I admitted being the driver and this week received a further letter with a conditional offer notice to attend a speed awareness course with a fee of £95, which I have accepted. I have driven over 20,000 miles this year and have a clean driving licence.

"I am therefore disappointed my driving was not to the required standard on this occasion.

"I will continue to drive myself to meetings and welcome this opportunity to use the course to reflect on my standard of driving."

The news comes after Grove's deputy, Paul Robinson, was pulled over by traffic police for driving at 90mph on the M180 in North Lincolnshire.

Robinson was given a £100 fine and three points.

He was also given 'words of advice' by police last year after being seen talking on a mobile phone while driving.

No officers witnessed the incident, but it was reported to them.