​Fake police officer arrested after stopping motorists


​Fake police officer arrested after stopping motorists

A man has been arrested in Devon on charges of impersonating a police officer after members of the public reported being pulled over.

It's alleged that the man has been driving a silver Volvo, equipped with blue flashing lights, around the Plymouth area, and has been using it to trick motorists into thinking he was a traffic officer by signalling for them to pull over.

Police say that the man was wearing civilian clothing and driving a Volvo V70.

One woman reportedly stopped for the man in nearby village of Roborough in April this year, and said that he rebuked for speeding.

However, when she asked him for some official ID, he left the scene.

The man also attempted to stop a genuine traffic officer, who was off duty, on the A38 near Longbridge – but the real officer realised it was a hoax, and did not stop.

Police have released photos of a Volvo they have confiscated, with the aim of finding more people who may have been stopped by the man, or seen him stopping other people.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "This is a very unusual crime. We are appealing for anyone who may have been stopped or signalled to stop by an unmarked Volvo matching this description anywhere in the area to please make contact with us.

"This type of incident is extremely rare and we would advise drivers to always ask for identification in such an incident. Any bona-fide officer would willingly show their credentials."