​Motorists slapped with 15 parking fines a day in one street


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Drivers are being given an average of 15 parking fines every single day in one street in Slough.

The astonishing statistic has come out after figures unearthed by the Slough Observer revealed that a grand total of 5,454 parking tickets had been issued on the town's High Street in between November 1, 2012 and October 31, 2013.

A freedom of information request made by the paper also showed that parking tickets brought in a whopping £115,600 of revenue for the town's council last year.

So far this year, £85,470 has been taken in parking fines for the High Street alone.

The road, which has 60 pay-and-display parking bays, is patrolled by two traffic wardens.

It's also been implied that the council is issuing tickets to drivers who haven't broken the law, forcing them to go through the appeals process if they want to avoid being ordered to pay the fine by a court.

Elaine Jones, who suffers from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, told the Observer that she was given a ticket for parking in a disabled bay on the High Street in November, despite being a disabled badge holder.

She paid her fine, but has also appealed, and is awaiting the outcome.

"You see the traffic wardens standing on street corners; it is almost like they are waiting for you," she said. "They are preying on motorists."

However, the council denied that that was the case.

"The council is not trying to catch people out," said a spokesperson. "Set targets are not permitted."

"One possible reason why the number of tickets issued is relatively high could be because a lot of our spaces are 'short stay' ones, and we tend to find that people overstay and are then issued with a parking ticket.

"Drivers have a responsibility to park legally, and it's particularly important in our high street that the road is kept clear to allow buses to travel down there."