​Artist builds himself a Ferrari - from cardboard!


​Artist builds himself a Ferrari - from cardboard!

Ferrari replicas are pretty commonplace these days. Whether based on a humble Toyota MR2 or Peugeot 406 Coupé, or simply built as a home-brewed oddball from scratch, it seems plenty of people want a piece of the prancing horse pie – even if it comes at the expense of originality.

But this must surely be the most hopeful Ferrari replica we've seen yet.

Put together by French artist Benedetto Bufalino, it consists simply of a cardboard shell that sits over the top of his Aixam Mega mini-car.

That's it – no more complex engineering than that, just sheer artistic ingenuity and hope.

To Bufalino's credit, he's included many of the familiar Ferrari design cues, like the Testarossa side strakes and F40 rear spoiler – albeit on a rather taller, narrower scale to match the diminutive dimensions of the Aixam.

But if we're honest, nobody's going to be fooled – especially as the wheels of the Ferrari 'cloak' don't even touch the ground!

What's more, with no working lights and somewhat impeded visibility, it's fair to say that it's hardly the safest contraption in the world.

And as it's constructed from flattened cardboard boxes, it's couldn't exactly be called long-lasting - or, indeed, weatherproof.

Still, whatever floats your boat.