​Cemetery road sign changed after 'bad taste' complaints


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A road sign directing motorists towards a cemetery in County Down has been taken down after locals complained that it was insensitive.

The sign in Comber pointed towards not only the cemetery, but also a new household waste recycling centre, giving the impression that the two were one and the same facility.
The issue was raised at Stormont, where a member said that the sign was "highly inappropriate".

Ards Borough Council, which was responsible for the sign, has said that it's sorry "for any upset the error has caused".

It added that it'd be removing the sign and putting up a more sensitive alternative.

Since then, the sign has been replaced by two separate signs that make the difference between the two facilities more clear.

David McNarry, the UKIP MLA for Strangford, gave the council credit for their response.

"I think the council have acted responsibly and fair play to them - it was totally insensitive," he said.

"A couple of wags had been saying, 'if they don't bury you, they'll recycle you', but people were sensitive about it.

"It was something that just needed a bit more care and attention - somebody just didn't think, but it's important to have respect."

It's not the first time that a council has got into hot water about a road sign.

In 2008, Swansea council inadvertently erected a bi-lingual road sign directing heavy goods vehicles around a residential area whose Welsh translation read "I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated."

The error occurred after council workers received a colleague's out-of-office email response after requesting a translation.

And in 2011, road painters in Manningtree, Essex, ran out of space to include the last letter on a painted road marking, leaving motorists wondering how best they should "Keep Clea".