​Honda shows off an MPV - with 1,029bhp!


​Honda shows off an MPV - with 1,029bhp!

Honda has revealed a one-off Odyssey MPV with a powerplant that might surprise you.

The Odyssey is an American-market model which Honda doesn't sell here in the UK – but this one's a little different to the norm.

That's because it's been built in conjunction with renowned tuner Bisimoto – who've kitted it out with a mind-blowing powerplant that can produce an astonishing 1,029bhp!

Appropriately named the 'Power-Van', it's had a raft of engine upgrades, including not one but two massive turbochargers, stronger pistons, an upgraded ECU, and plenty more.

It also runs on race fuel, and has been lowered to give it a more sporting appearance.

That said, external modifications have been kept relatively low-key, the monstrous intercooler poking through the front grille being the only sign other than the car's stance and wheels that something is amiss.

The Odyssey Power-Van is even fitted with a roof box – the ultimate family-wagon finishing touch.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, there are no plans for the Power-Van to end up anywhere near a production line – and nor is there any indication of just how fast it can go.

The wraps were taken off this insane people carrier at the Specialty Equipment Market Association's annual show in Las Vegas.

The SEMA Show, as it's known, has become the showcase for America's tuning and aftermarket industries.

So successful has it been, in fact, that manufacturers regularly promote their wares by bringing along examples of their current model range that have been customised in-house.

This year, Lexus, Mazda, Kia and Toyota are among the marques also expected to show tweaked and modified examples of their cars.