First Arabian 'hypercar' manufacturers to set up factory in UAE next year


Lykan Hypersport

The madcap Lykan Hypersport was proudly on display at the Dubai International Motor Show earlier this week but the founder of W Motors – the company behind the speed machine – claims that it will have a fully functioning production line ready by the end of next year.
> The Lykan Hypersport is the first proper hyper car to be conceived, designed and built in the United Arab Emirates and it has impressed crowds with its exotic looks and notable performance figures.

Ralph R Debbas, the founder of W Motors, isn't content with simply creating a 3.7-litre, 740bhp one-off and has declared that the machine will go into production with a successor planned in the near future.

According to, seven Hypersports will be produced while a slightly less expensive Supersports model will be manufactured on a larger scale.

Speaking to, Debbas said of the company's move to the UAE from its founding home in Lebanon, "Dubai is known for its love of luxury and for the type of lifestyle that we need. There is also a lot of room to grow. For us, it is the right place to be."

On the Hypersport, Debbas revealed, "I was not going to sell a car that I hadn't even driven myself."

"We decided to follow the path of Koenigsegg and first build the car then hand over the keys to the consumer and say take it for a drive. That is why Koenigsegg has been successful."

The new factory looks set to increase production of the Hypersport from just ten cars a year to 15, as well as offering space to expand into new models.

Debbas also said that moving the firm's operations to the UAE would help develop talent in the country in an industry that is almost non-existent at the moment.

Lykan Hypersport