Clever flying car could signal an end to traffic jams


AeroMobil 2.5 flying car

A new flying car from a pair of Slovakian designers could be the solution to the increasingly clogged up daily commute.

Dubbed the AeroMobil 2.5, the hybrid machine can be operated as either a futuristic two-seater automobile that can easily travel at speeds of 99mph on the road or a flying machine that can soar through the skies at 124mph.

The invention was recently unveiled and demonstrated at an airshow exhibition in Montreal where it wowed crowds with its ability to quickly and easily transform from a perfectly road-legal car to a fully-fledged flying machine.

The AeroMobil 2.5 is part of an on-going project by the small Slovakian team that hopes to offer transport solutions for the future.

The 2.5 model manages to take to the skies so easily partly thanks to its carbon-coated, lightweight steel framework that keeps weight down to just 450kg. A Rotax 912 engine drives the wheels when in road-going guise and a propeller when it takes to the air and amazingly, it can soar for a predicted range of 430 miles on a single tank or drive for 310 miles.

The team behind the slightly crazy contraption claims that the AeroMobil 2.5's dimensions have been carefully considered to allow it to perform everyday tasks, such as slotting into a standard parking bay – although we aren't convinced it could squeeze into your local spot at Asda.

It can also be filled up at a normal petrol station and brimmed with standard unleaded petrol.

AeroMobil 2.5 Flying Car

AeroMobil 2.5 Flying Car

Tatiana Veber, AeroMobil spokesman told the Mail Online: "We have been developing the concept of a flying car since 1990.

"Our first model looked quite bizarre and it would have problems in the regular use.

"That was a signal to improve the concept of the flying car in a way to become an integral part of the regular road traffic.

"We got a positive feedback from several experts in avionics, which appreciated design and the technical solution of the process of transformation."

Watch the car/plane take to the skies (sort of) below