Motorists caught speeding because "the car didn't have a cupholder" and other excuses in the news this week


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It seems that shoddy speeding excuses are like buses; they all come along at once. This week, two motorists have made the news because of separate but equally daft justifications as to why they were breaking the speed limit.

Andrew Howie, 35, was stopped on the A120 near Braintree, Essex, travelling at nearly twice the legal speed limit in his mother's car.

When the court quizzed him as to why he was reaching speeds of 130mph he said that he was surprised the Mercedes-Benz E-Class didn't have cupholders to house the cup of tea he was carrying between his legs.

The Daily Star revealed that the businessman eventually admitted careless driving and was fined £1,000 with £190 costs and had seven points put on his licence, resulting in a six-month driving ban.

Howie already had nine points on his licence from being caught on the mobile phone twice while driving and speeding on a separate occasion.

The second in a line of daft excuses came from Melissa Ward who was caught breaking the speed limit on the M275 near Portsmouth eight times in three months.

Ward told magistrates that she was "trying to get home quickly" and that she "only recently found out what the average speed cameras were there for."

The Portsmouth News reported that Colin Shackel, prosecuting, told the court the most serious offence was committed on May 23 on the northbound M275 near roadworks, when she had been caught travelling at 53mph in a 40mph zone.

Chairman of the magistrates Roger Price fined her £100 for the most serious offence, and £100 for the other offences, with a £20 victim surcharge, totalling £220.

He banned her from driving for six months.

He said: "For the other speeding matters there is no separate penalty.

"The only reason is that based on the information you have provided you state you are on a low income. If you had been in a different situation there it could have been extremely different."