Motorist awarded compensation despite faking whiplash injuries just months earlier


Whiplash claims

A man from Birmingham has been awarded £13,000 compensation following a road traffic accident despite being found guilty of faking whiplash claims just months earlier.

Mohammed Hafeez Saeed, 30, from Small Heath, Birmingham was awarded the sum, which included £1,550 for 'pain and suffering', despite having made claims on an astonishing eleven collisions in the past five years.

Judge Avtar Khangure QC said to the court that any previous ruling, including the ten claims made between 2006 and 2011, could have no bearing on the current case.

He was subsequently awarded payouts for personal injury totalling nearly £10,000 in six of the accidents.

The Birmingham Mail reported that Judge Khangure said: "I have been asked to draw adverse inferences by reason of the fact the claimant has a lengthy claims history.

"All of the claims have been settled by the relevant insurers, there is no note about the facts and no suggestion they were in some way fraudulently brought."

The latest claim has been made on an accident in which Mr Saeed maintained he was 'rear-ended' after he was forced to brake abruptly to avoid the row of slow-moving cars ahead of him.

The payout comes despite some controversy surrounding a previous court case in which Mr Saeed attempted to claim against National Express.

He claimed his car had been hit by one of the company's busses but the court ruled that no accident had happened and threw out the case.

Investigators became suspicious of Mr Saeed but Judge Brown ruled: "There is something wrong which is going on but I am not going to determine it here and now. Those are matters for the criminal authorities."