David Coulthard lays down smoky donuts atop Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel


David Coulthard burnout red bull

The excellent video below could be regarded as simply a very clever marketing exercise from the PR bods at Red Bull.

Or, if you're the cynical type, you could argue the energy drinks manufacturer is having a subversive pop at the FIA for fining their number 1 driver after he indulged in a bit of tyre-smoking, spinny fun on the start/finish line straight of India's Buddh International circuit a few weeks back.

Regardless, the fact that David Coulthard agreed to slip into a high powered Red Bull Formula 1 car and pull off some epic burnouts on the helipad of Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel is reason enough to watch the short clip.

Despite David's five-year absence from professional Formula 1 racing, he somehow manages to make keeping an 800bhp monster inside a tennis-court sized area perched 300m above the ground look easy.

Luckily, the car didn't suddenly find grip and slingshot DC off the edge of the helipad. We're not sure Eddie Jordan could cope without his Scottish sidekick during those long race weekends.

Watch the video below and definitely do not try this at home (or abroad)