Daihatsu set to bring back the tiny Copen micro-car


Daihatsu Kopen Concept

Japanese marque Daihatsu is set to bring back its tiny Copen two-seater sports car in the shape of an updated concept that's due to be unveiled at this year's Tokyo motor show.

The show looks set to be littered with little cars as we have already reported that Honda has readied its S660 sports machine that features a similarly diminutive frame and underpowered engine.

Daihatsu's Kopen Concept will be shown in two variants; a standard car that already looks fairly production-ready and a roughed-up model with extra body cladding for off-road appeal.

Power for both comes from a 660cc engine (the same capacity as the aforementioned Honda) and the model measures up at just 3395mm long by 1475mm wide, with a height of 1275mm.

The original Copen graced UK roads between 2002 and 2012 but uptake was slow and Daihatsu eventually stopped selling new models here altogether.

For that reason alone, it is highly unlikely we will see official imports of the updated Kopen (if it even gets built), which is a shame as the small but nippy machines will likely resonate with city dwellers now smaller, space saving cars have grown in popularity.

Take a look at the slideshow below that highlights the design elements of the Kopen concept and showcases two further models – the fuel-cell powered FC-Deck truck and the multi-seat Deca-Deca concept.

Daihatsu Kopen Concept

Daihatsu Kopen Concept