Video: Pothole-1, Car-0


Video: Pothole-1, Car-0

We Brits love to moan about potholes – griping about those wheel-bending little landmines that appear overnight simply to cause us untold grief in the form of repair bills and endlessly chasing up the local council for compensation.

However, as AOL Cars' James Baggott found out on a recent trip to Russia, other countries are blighted by potholes far more often, with some reaching sizes big enough to swallow entire cars.

Do these motorists whinge all day long? Are they up in arms about how long it's taken for the authorities to send a man round with a spade and a bag of tarmac? Well... probably, though you'd forgive the motorist in the video below for having a few choice words to say, given what's happened to his car.

Travelling down a poorly surfaced road, the driver of this SUV mistakes the waterlogged pothole for a mere puddle and fails to slow down sufficiently.

Cue the inevitable: a shuddering impact, a totalled car and one highly shocked and embarrassed driver. Just remember this video the next time you're cursing a pothole for dinging one of your alloys.