Police officer helps deliver baby in Mercedes showroom


Police officer helps deliver baby in Mercedes showroom

A police officer for the Tower Hamlets Safer Transport team got more than he bargained for after a woman went into labour on her way to hospital yesterday.

PC Robert Morgan was dealing with a separate incident near the Mercedes-Benz showroom in Stratford at around 1pm yesterday when the baby's frantic father flagged him down and asked for help with his heavily pregnant wife.

PC Morgan phoned for back-up but just minutes later he was forced to deliver the girl in the car park of the Mercedes showroom before an ambulance arrived to whisk the new parents to safety.

He was helped by the woman's sister and a second Tower Hamlets officer, PC Christine Goode, who was able to rush to the scene in time and offer assistance.

PC Morgan said: "We deal with all sorts of incidents, however I wasn't expecting this today.

"The mother was not keen on my suggestion of calling the baby girl Mercedes."

A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson said: "Staff at the Stratford showroom were aware of the situation but saw the police officers had it under control. We didn't want to interfere too much and the ambulance arrived within minutes of the situation arising."

"All of us here at Mercedes are just relieved both the mother and baby were healthy," our source added.

This isn't the first time a police officer has been required to go beyond the call of duty as four officers were praised for their quick thinking when they helped deliver a baby in an icy hospital car park in south east London.

PCs Martin Avis, Chris Clare, Vicki Hurst and Sgt Ieuan Hill saw a man and woman struggling in 2011 and initially thought an assault was taking place - only to see the woman was in the late stages of labour.

The officers helped deliver baby Phoenix in the car park.