That's baaaa-rmy: Sheep causes havoc at car workshop


That's baaaa-rmy: Sheep causes havoc at car workshop

Mechanics are sometimes accused of fleecing the general public but a group of grease-monkeys in Detroit got more than they baaaar-gained for when an escaped sheep ran riot in the workshop.

The spooked creature was captured on camera darting through an open door and running around the workshop floor for around 20 minutes before workers finally managed to capture the out-of-control animal.

The mechanics can be heard speculating that the animal was "heading for slaughter" as they point out the tell-tale markings on the sheep's coat. Animal welfare authorities are now trying to work out where the sheep came from and hopefully return it to its rightful owner.

Needless to say the workers were left feeling a little sheepish following the scuffle but luckily no damage was done to either the woolly intruder or the workshop.

It could have been a lot worse; the insurance claim on a damaged Lamb-orghini could have easily put the workshop out of business.

Sorry, we'll stop now.

Watch the video below and witness the mechanics' close shave. Appropriate sheep puns are more than welcome in the comments section!

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