Driver survives double train impact


Driver survives double train impact

A US driver has had an incredible escape after her car was hit by two freight trains in quick succession.

The unidentified woman was being pursued by police in the state of Utah when she drove over a railroad crossing and was hit by the first train.

Footage captured on the pursuing officer's dash-mounted camera shows police approaching the upturned wreckage before quickly moving away when they see a second train approaching.

There is nothing they can do to delay the inevitable, and the hapless fugitive's car is hit once again, and is this time punted along the railway line.

Despite the force of the impact, the driver of the Mercedes suffered only a broken arm in the collisions.

Detective Adam Osoro, of the Woods Cross Police Department, said: "There was already a southbound train going across 2600 south, and she hit that train while it was crossing. While officers were trying to get her out of her car, a second southbound train hit her vehicle.

"The vehicle sustained heavy damage, so in this case she's very lucky to still be with us."