Brazilian bike-jacker shot by armed police in shocking video


Brazilian bike-jacker shot by armed police in shocking video

An incredible video has emerged from Brazil showing the dramatic moment when a thief was shot by an armed policeman having attempted to rob a motorcyclist at gunpoint.

The tense footage, caught on a camera which was attached to the biker's helmet, first shows him speeding through the streets of an unknown town before coming to a halt for a red light at a junction.
But things then take a terrifying turn, as another bike appears from nowhere – its pillion passenger brandishing a pistol and demanding that the first motorcyclist hand over the keys to his bike.

As you might expect, he complies without hesitation, dropping the bike in the process – but the drama isn't over yet.

As the thief mounts his new, ill-gotten possession, the door of a passing car opens – and from it emerges a man thought to be a policeman.

Acting before the thief has a chance to speed off, the cop draws his sidearm and fires twice, forcing the crim to fall off his bike while his accomplice makes a hasty exit.

There's little confirmed news of what happens next, but most reports suggest that the robber survived his injuries and was apprehended by police.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing seems to be common in Brazil. In 2010, Formula 1 driver Jenson Button was almost the victim of a carjacking by "five or six" armed men in Sao Paolo.

Fortunately, his police driver was able to steer the armoured car in which they were travelling to safety.

In an unrelated but similar incident, several Sauber team members were also targeted in Sao Paolo on the same day.

Warning: this video contains footage that could be distressing for some viewers.