Dodge enlists the help of Ron Burgundy to shift its new Durango


Dodge enlists the help of Ron Burgundy to shift its new Durango

Procuring the services of arguably one of the worst anchormen in history to advertise a new product is akin to commercial suicide, but famous American car manufacturer dodge thinks otherwise.

The new Durango is a rugged and typically gigantic 4x4 that pumps out a respectable 360hp but Ron Burgundy – played by Will Ferrell – points out some of the other, less known highlights of the new vehicle in a series of hilarious new adverts.

A functional glovebox that comes as standard, for example, is just one of the brilliant observations made by the man who made famous the phrase "Milk was a bad idea."

The tongue-in-cheek adverts have been created not only to showcase the new Durango but also highlight the fact an Anchorman sequel is due to hit cinemas soon.

It has been nearly ten years since the original movie graced the big screen and fans have been calling for a sequel ever since.

Can't wait for December when the film is launched? Watch the clips below and pray that all future car adverts feature Ron Burgundy in some way...

Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy "It Comes Standard"

Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy "Staring Contest"

Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy "Ballroom Dancers"