Jeremy Clarkson voted UK's dream celebrity passenger


Jeremy Clarkson voted UK's dream celebrity passenger

A new survey has revealed that Jeremy Clarkson would be the nation's choice of passenger to accompany lonely motorists on a long journey.

The curly-topped television presenter, who is famed for having knackered teeth and making inappropriate comments on hit TV show Top Gear, topped a survey with 20% of the public's votes.

Amazingly, bumbling Boris Johnson came in a close second, according to results from car-sharing site BlaBlaCar, who conducted the survey.

The more, er, sensible votes started to flow in the third and fourth spot with This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby and pop seductress Rihanna taking the respective positions, while Her Royal Highness the Queen only managed seventh place, beaten by One Direction's Harry Styles.

Even Simon Cowell's bile-filled rants on previous seasons of the X-Factor didn't stop UK drivers wanting to chauffeur him around.

A staggering 4.9% of the votes went to the musical mogul, leaving Kate Moss to prop up the bottom of the table.

Alec Dent of BlaBlaCar wittily added: "We were surprised there weren't more votes for Harry Styles. Perhaps drivers were concerned that he only travels in One Direction".

BlaBlaCar carried out the survey to highlight the benefits (or should that be downfalls in Clarkson's case?) of its car-sharing scheme.

The innovative website connects drivers with paying passengers, so they can travel together and offset costs.

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