Woman accidentally runs down own father


Woman accidentally runs down own father

An elderly man was accidentally knocked down and killed by his own daughter after she made an error at the wheel of her car, an inquest has heard.

63-year-old Christine Kershaw had dropped her father Ernest off at his regular haunt, the Royal British Legion club in Farnborough, Hampshire.

However, as she prepared to leave she accidentally put her automatic Kia Sedona into Drive rather than Reverse and ran the car into her father, sending him into a handrail.

Mr Kershaw was pronounced dead at the scene.

Speaking at her father's inquest, a tearful Miss Kershaw described how the accident occurred: "I pulled up at the club and my dad was trying to get out of the car almost before I got around," she said. "I passed him his sticks and took him to the top of the stairs and then went back to the car to move it.

"I was just trying to get the car away from him, that's all I remember," reported GetHampshire.co.uk.

Forensic expert Kevin Spiller, who assisted police in the investigation of the accident, told the inquest that a phenomenon known as Unintended Acceleration Syndrome was the likely cause of the accident.

"Unintentional acceleration syndrome, sometimes referred to as spontaneous acceleration syndrome, is an unexpected, inadvertent acceleration - the unintentional pressing of the accelerator instead of the brake or gear," he said, reported the Daily Mail.

The inquest concluded that Mr Kershaw's death was accidental.