Man crashes into police car while injecting heroin


Man crashes into police car while injecting heroin

A Louisiana man has been arrested after crashing into the back of a police car because he was distracted trying to shoot up heroin.

32-year-old Ronald Caplina ploughed into the back of the marked police cruiser at around 40mph, while the officer was parked on the side of the road monitoring traffic.

The Slidell police officer luckily only suffered minor injuries in the collision.

Caplina, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was also injured in the accident, which saw the police car shunted forward several feet.

The officer stated that he saw Caplina look back up at the road a moment before the crash, but was too late to avoid hitting his car.

When questioned, Caplina could not give a coherent answer as to why his attention had been diverted from the road.

It was then that the officer discovered a fresh needle, stained with dried blood and containing what was suspected to be heroin.

Caplina also had fresh injection marks on his arm, according to American news network WAFB.

He was charged with careless operation of a vehicle, driving while suspended and without a seatbelt, as well as the more serious offences of possession of a schedule 1 narcotic and drug paraphernalia.