Video: Witness a toy car reach 205mph


Video: Witness a toy car reach 205mph

A toy car attached to a pole via a long piece of wire sounds like the worst Christmas present a child could ever receive, but Tether Car racing was once a popular spectator sport.

Yes, Tether Car racing was invented back in America during the great depression of the 1930s when bored individuals with limited money and a lot of time on their hands added model plane engines to toy cars and tied them to a pole.

The result is a scientific mix of wonderfulness that sees centrifugal force do its thing, resulting in a toy car that shoots around a circular piece of track at truly alarming speeds.

The hobby is still very much alive in the US today and its practitioners have moved the game along somewhat by creating mini vehicles that resemble the Bloodhound SSC land speed record car and feature mini combustion engines, gears and even a clutch.

The video below shows a group of Tether Car fans getting their creation to a truly mind-boggling top speed of 205mph.

The two-foot toy car is pulling around 91G as it swings around the makeshift track – we'd dread to think what would happen if that wire snapped!

Watch the video below