Brazilian drug-runner killed by own stash


Brazilian drug-runner killed by own stash

A drug smuggler in Brazil has been killed by his own haul of illicit narcotics, but not in the way that you might be imagining.

Stopped by a police road block in the town of Bataguassu, the trafficker, who was carrying a tyre-bursting 500kg of cannabis in the rear of his car, got spooked and broke through the barrier, ending up in a high-speed chase with the Federal Highway police.

Unfortunately for this ne'er-do-well, he hadn't spent enough time playing Grand Theft Auto, and crashed into a tree just three miles into the chase.

The half-tonne stash of weed was then promptly sent flying forwards, crushing the smuggler to death against his dashboard. Proving – sort of – that drugs do indeed kill.

The Bataguassa police have since confiscated the car and the drugs and are attempting to identify the deceased driver, who unsurprisingly wasn't carrying any ID.

Click play below to see images of the crash, as well as an animated reconstruction of the incident.