Councils urged to cut double-yellow line use


Councils urged to cut double-yellow line use

Local authorities across the country are being urged to reduce their use of double-yellow lines, in a bid to reduce clutter from Britain's streets.

In a letter to council chiefs, Local Transport Minister Norman Baker has suggested the use of restricted parking zones as a better method of managing traffic, as they are less intrusive and require less signs to be installed.

Many local councils have adopted the zones, which allow motorists to park only at certain times, in place of conventional yellow lines. These include Cheshire East Council, Cornwall, Slough, Warwickshire, Suffolk and Nottingham.

The use of controlled parking zones would particularly benefit narrow streets and areas that are environmentally sensitive.

"No one wants to see unnecessary yellow lines blotting our towns and villages when there is an alternative," said Mr Baker.

"They are a clear eyesore that can be intrusive and can have a huge impact on the look and feel of our streets, particularly in historic town centres or conservation areas.

"I encourage local authorities to think about the use of restricted parking zones. They can be used to improve the visual impact of the street while providing clear information to motorists."

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