Karate pupil impales foot on car keys


Karate pupil impales foot on car keys

The wince-inducing moment a karate-learning teen impales his foot on a set of car keys has been caught on camera.
> 18-year-old Bartek Turek was learning self-defence moves at an Illinois dojo when his sparring partner threw him to the ground.

Landing on his back, with his feet hitting the floor with a thud, the karate kid knows immediately what has happened: the car keys that were minutes beforehand hanging from his black belt are now lodged in the sole of his foot.

As horrific as the injury looks, like a true martial arts hard-man, Turek doesn't yell in pain, and simply gives a frustrated moan upon seeing is impaled foot.

He was taken to hospital where doctors safely removed the keys in a seven-hour procedure. Luckily, the keys did no lasting damage to Turek's bones or nerves, though he was forced to use crutches for two weeks afterwards.

Speaking to The Sun, Turek said: "My foot slammed it before it fell over. The chances were one in a million.

"They took X-rays to make sure it did not fracture a bone or any nerves."

Karate pupil impales foot on car keys