Commons Speaker in parking prang row


Commons Speaker in parking prang row

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has been given a verbal dressing-down by an irate motorist after he allegedly pranged her car while trying to park.

42-year-old Nathalie Pulford was dining at a Chelsea Restaurant when she observed Bercow attempting to squeeze his Volvo SUV into a tight parking space behind her Range Rover Sport.

Running outside after apparently seeing her car move, she confronted the MP, who denied hitting her car.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ms Pulford said: "I asked him if he realised that he'd just bashed both cars to get in his spot and he said, 'No I didn't' so I replied 'Yes you did because I was just watching you'.

"He was not willing to discuss it and was completely dismissive of me. I stood there absolutely dumbfounded.

"I said, 'If you didn't touch these cars how about you prove me wrong and get out without touching them?' and he said, 'I will do no such thing' and 'I am not required to leave this space therefore I won't do it'."

Ms Pulford has since reported the incident to the Police, though claims that if Bercow has simply admitted his mistake and apologised she wouldn't have asked him to pay for the damage.

"I felt such a fool because something quite trivial had become out of proportion," she continued.

Bercow himself admitted to a reporter at the scene that he was "not the best driver", but claims that he would have admitted to the damage if he had in fact caused it.

His spokesman issued the following statement: "He strongly denies that his car hit this lady's car. If she wants to raise it with her insurer, he would be more than happy to defend himself. He was simply bewildered at the time."

However, it is claimed that a waitress at the Gaucho restaurant witnessed the accident and is backing Ms Pulford's account of what happened.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that the incident had been reported and are investigating.