HGV driver saves motorists' life by swerving in front of runaway car


HGV driver saves motorists' life by swerving in front of runaway car

Footage has emerged that shows the moment a valiant HGV driver brought a runaway car to a controlled stop after its driver suffered a diabetic attack at the wheel.

Father-of-four Bob Rennie, 46, was hauling a load along the A82 near Luss, Dunbartonshire, when he spotted a Peugeot 208 driving erratically, weaving across the road and crossing the centre lines.

Mr Rennie continued to pursue the vehicle as it swerved into oncoming traffic and bounced along the hard shoulder, occasionally blasting the HGV's horn to warn oncoming motorists of the impending danger.

The nail-biting pursuit lasts nearly four minutes before Mr Rennie can be heard shouting, "He's all over the road. He's going to kill somebody," down his radio.

Bob Rennie, from Glasgow, told the Daily Mail: "When I saw someone was in trouble, I just used what means I had to help them.

"I'm just grateful that the man and his wife went home to their family and nobody was hurt."

Mr Rennie finally ended the erratic driving by slowly bringing the runaway car to a halt, gently steering in front of the hatchback and gradually applying the brakes, forcing the driver to slow down.

The HGV driver added: "I don't know if the driver was going in and out of consciousness, but he obviously became aware that something was in front of him and that made him slow down and stop at the side of the road.

"I jumped out and ran right over to him. He was just sitting there as if he was dazed. He wasn't aware of what was happening.

"I gave him some water and a couple of biscuits. Another lorry driver dialled 999 and the police and ambulance arrived."

Paramedics treated the elderly driver, who was on holiday from Reading, Berkshire, for low blood sugar levels.