Dutch students break electric vehicle acceleration record


Dutch students break electric vehicle acceleration record

A group of Dutch students have officially set a new world record for the fastest accelerating electric vehicle using a homemade sports car creation.

The tiny vehicle managed to complete the 0-62mph sprint time in just 2.15 seconds, beating the previous record of 2.68 seconds by a considerable margin.

A team of boffins at the Delft University of Technology created the small electric racer, dubbed DUT13, that uses wheel-mounted electric motors to rocket it across the asphalt.

The electric motors create a relatively puny 135bhp but the go-kart-like creation only weighs 145kg (thanks in part to each motor weighing just 3.7kg) without all of its fluids on-board, improving the power-to-weight ratio no end.

To ensure the record was well and truly smashed, the University engineers nominated Marly Kuijpers, the smallest member of the team, to pilot the car on the day.

Team manager Tim de Moree said, "We thought that under these conditions we'd be happy with 2.30.

"But we really didn't expect 2.15."

The car hasn't simply been relegated to the back of a dusty shed following the new record as the Delft team hope to also succeed in Formula Student races in England, Germany an Austria.

After all, the car does boast full fat racing features such as regenerative braking, slip ratio control, torque vectoring and a full-width 'venturi-tunnel'... Whatever that is.