Aston Martin Cygnet to be axed


Aston Martin Cygnet to be axed

The car that would have James Bond cursing into his Martini is to be dropped from the company's product line, Aston Martin officials revealed this week.

The Cygnet left many car fans and journalists bemused when it was first unveiled back in 2011 – the dumpy city car struggled to cover up its Toyota IQ underpinnings and looked somewhat awkward sporting a full leather Aston interior and famous winged badge on the front grille.

Many critics believe the Cygnet was mainly introduced to the product line because its super low CO2 emissions lowered the British marque's carbon footprint across the range, allowing it to continue placing large, inefficient V8 and V12 units in its sports cars.

The luxurious city car cost a whopping £30,995 when it was first introduced, an eye-watering £20,000 more expensive than the Toyota iQ it was based on, and featured a 1.3 litre engine that provided 97bhp and a comparatively measly 124Nm of torque.

Recent rumours suggest that Aston Martin will work with AMG in the future to develop a new range of engines that provide suitable performance figures yet return improved fuel economy figures and lower CO2 emissions, hence the Cygnet no longer being needed on the forecourts.

There are an estimated 143 Cygnets currently gracing UK roads and that relatively low figure could be down to the mild reception that cars received upon launch (even a stint in a Harrods window didn't help sales).

Car magazine said, "For car enthusiasts like us the Cygnet holds little appeal," while Top Gear said, "Anyone expecting a mini DB9 should look elsewhere."