Angry bus passenger claims driver 'ditched him to visit amusement arcade'


Angry bus passenger claims driver 'ditched him to visit amusement arcade'

A frustrated commuter in Belfast has complained to Metrobus after the driver of the bus he was travelling on allegedly locked him inside the vehicle and popped to the local amusement arcade.

Neil Salt was retuning from work on Sunday evening when he boarded the bus in Belfast.

According to Mr Salt, the driver had a few minutes before his route begun so he closed the doors with his passenger inside and nipped to the local amusement arcade.

"It was 9.39pm on Sunday and he had five minutes and he nipped into the arcade. "I had to wait in the bus on my own, he closed the doors," he told the BBC.

Mr Salt added: "I'm an honest fellow. But if I had been anyone else, the money on the bus might have gone. "If it had been anyone else they could have been driving the bus off. I have claustrophobia and was a bit panicky. Two other people were standing outside waiting to get on. They were rapping at the bus. The driver was not there, he was in the amusement arcade."

Mr Salt said the bus finally left the stand at 9.46pm after the driver had his fill of fruit machines and other arcade games. "I asked him on my way out whether he'd won anything and he said no," Salt added.

Clearly disturbed at the driver's actions, Mr Salt subsequently sent a letter of complaint to Metrobus owner Translink regarding the unprofessional behaviour.

Translink has a policy of replying within ten working days, with one spokesperson saying "we are investigating it."