Finnish police show off their latest toy


Finnish police show off their latest toy

As a rule, police cars are not known for their desirability. Aside from the cash-rich United Arab Emirates, whose entire police fleet seemingly comprises of exotic supercars, forces across the globe favour functionality and discreet performance over head turning looks and interior opulence.

It seems law enforcers in Finland have got bored of drip-dry practicality and have taken delivery of a brand new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake.

Pitched as a stylish and upmarket alternative to regular estate cars, the Shooting Brake will afford officers similar levels of usability as their usual patrol cars, with a cavernous boot and room for four, but will ease the burden of all those motorway miles with its sumptuous cabin and tech-laden spec list.

The car is in fact a gift from Finnish technology magazine Tekniikan Maailma, which polled readers to find out who they thought should receive a new vehicle. Lucky officers in the traffic-policing department were voted most worthy to be gifted the £53,000 car.

Click play below to see the freshly Battenberg-ed creation in all its glory.