Man from Essex builds his own F1 car


Man from Essex builds his own F1 car

Engineer Russ Bost wasn't happy with the glut of boring SUVs and middle-of-the-road family saloons available to him on the forecourts so he went and built himself a Red Bull RB9 replica for the road.

Mr Bost, of Benfleet, Essex is no stranger to creating racing replicas – his first project saw a Formula Ford car cut in half and lengthened and then two motorbike engines added for breath-taking performance.

This latest Red Bull number boasts a 190bhp engine that can take the machine from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds and is completely road legal.

"Under the skin it has to be a bit more practical than an F1 car, such as being able to go over bumps and so on," Mr Bost told the BBC.

"It is not quite like your family hatchback, but you can fit two people in if you remove the airbox. There's lots of room behind the driver.

"I wouldn't say I drive it around for everything, but I drive them on a regular basis.

"I've driven down to Le Mans in one with a passenger and our camping gear."

Naturally, the madcap designs have received a lot of positive praise from passers-by. "You get a lot of reaction," Mr Bost added. "You can usually work out what they are saying by watching their lips. It is usually 'what the heck?'."

Demand has been so strong that the engineer has now started making kits for fans of his designs under the name of Furore Formula 1.

Punters can be on the road in a small Ferrari F1 replica for as little as £10,000. Take a look at the site HERE